Second Stove Workshop Day

Our second stove workshop day was once again a real success as we welcomed 25 people to our showroom! They were delighted in finding out how to get the best out of their appliances.

Whilst we mainly covered things that were applicable to dry appliances (appliances without the ability of heating water and radiators), we have been getting questions from clients that had wet appliances (appliances with the ability of heating water and radiators) or that were very interested in changing their heating system wanting to know more. For this reason, on my next stove workshop day, I will be dedicating one workshop session for dry appliances and one for wet appliances where I will be covering topics such as heatstores, linking in to existing systems, obtaining the scrappage boiler scheme allowance applicable to wood burning appliances and much much more…

I have not finalised the date of the next workshop day yet so please keep checking our news section regularly and local newspapers!

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Summer Opening Hours 2021

As we have now reached the Summer solstice, we are now reverting to our summer opening hours. This means our current opening hours are; Monday & Sunday : Closed. Tuesday & Friday : 9.45 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday : Appointment only. Saturday : 9.30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Should you wish to

Contura – new smart features

Over the next few months, Heatsource will try to present some of the exciting innovations that all suppliers have been working hard to develop, even during the pandemic. We have chosen to start with the Swedish brand, Contura, who makes style and innovation at the heart of their Research & Development (R&D). Their updated designs