Renewable Energy at Heatsource

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Pellet Boilers

At Heatsource, we believe a cost effective and efficient way to harness renewable energy for the home is through the latest biomass technologies.

Using a completely renewable fuel and with efficiencies of around 90-92%, combined with the latest smart heating controls, pellet boilers not only give you the convenience of self lighting self cleaning, they are also helping the environment as they are ‘carbon neutral’.

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Solar Heating

Water heated inside roof mounted panels can transfer energy to the home at a surprising rate. Our range of tiles and panels can be fitted to homes old and new. As well as designing a system to fit your needs, we can even give you advice in regard to planning permission and possible Government grants.

Heat Storage

Efficient exchange and storage of the energy supplied from renewable heat is an essential element to a modern home heating system. Heatsource supplies the latest technology direct from Thermal Integrations. The Thermal Integrations Xcel 'Heatbank' is at the peak of thermal store technology and can be integrated with a variety of different heat sources simultaneously with minimal effort.
Every 'Heatbank' is custom made exactly to your requirements and the link up options to any heat source are endless.