Scan 1005 VE


Simple and stylish design…

This stylish, perfectly proportioned, elegant wood stove gives such an impressive view of the flames.

With its large viewing area, this stove can really heat medium sized areas with a rated output of 6kw.

This appliance is only available in black finish with either a steel or glass door for a sleeker finish.


Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 43.8 × 65.0 × 47.0 cm
Door options

This appliance comes with either a steel or glass door and are priced the same.

Floor plate (hearth) option

A decorative (6mm thick) glass floor plate is available for this appliance, it is 50cm deep x 112.2cm and is priced at £120.

External Air Kit

An external air kit is available for this stove and is priced at £170.

Convection air grills

There are two options for convection air grills with this appliance, white (2pcs) at £270 or black (2pcs) at £110.

Convection adaptor kit

There is also a convection adaptor kit available to connect air ducts to the appliance and is priced at £60.



  • Log size – up to 50cm

  • Flue outlet – Ø 148.00 mm

  • Flue exit options – Top / Rear

  • Min output – 3.0 kW

  • Nom output – 6.0 kW

  • Max output – 8.0 kW

  • Efficiency – 84 %

  • Closed combustion – Yes

  • External air intake – Yes

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Installation Instructions and User Manual

Scan 1005 & 1006 – Installation Instructions and User Manual

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Energy Label

Scan 1005 VE – Energy Label

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Scan 1005 VE – Declaration of Performance

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