RB73 – Quaruba XXL Mobile


Unique, beautiful and long lasting Corten steel…

The Quaruba is available in 3 different sizes, Large, XL and XXL. This is the largest size of the 3 available.

With it’s height of 105 cm its simple design gives you a great view of the fire.

The Quaruba model is a sturdy, robust wood stove with an industrial appearance for outdoor use.


Stylish and elegant outdoor fire…

This cube-shaped terrace stove has a unique modular construction and is therefore assembled as desired with 1 (door) to 4 glass panels. This enables you to be be able to place it against a wall or in a corner with ease. The Mobile version comes with a fixed bottom plate and 4 wheels for easy movement.

The door catch is cleverly engineered to be between the door panel and the right leg, therefore it does not interfere with the cubist straight lines of the fire.

The base unit comes with:- fireproof bottom stones, 1 x 100cm flue pipe with control valve, 1 x 100cm flue pipe, rain hood on flue and an air spoiler above the glass.

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Weight 135 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 306.8 cm
Glass panel options

Glass door only, Glass door with 1 side glass panel, Glass door with 2 side glass panels, Glass on all 4 aspects

Flue pipe options

There are numerous 150mm diameter flue products available for the Quaruba range of fires and are priced as following:- Elbow 45° £50, Elbow 90° £50, 100cm flue pipe £65, 50cm flue pipe £50, Wall bracket £35, Sparks catcher £45.

Heatshield option

There is an optional heatshield available for the Quaruba range:- For the Quaruba XXL this is priced at £50 inc VAT

Concrete back side

There is a concrete back sides set available for the Quaruba range:- For Quaruba XXL this is priced at £150 inc VAT

Corten steel floor plate

The Quaruba floor plate is 3mm thick and sized at 74.5cm x 74.5cm. This is priced at £95 inc VAT


Quaruba XXL Mobile dimensions

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Information sheet

Quaruba XXL Mobile Information sheet

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