RB73 – Piquia


Unique, beautiful and long lasting Corten steel…

The Piquia is cut from 3mm CorTen steel and is available as either a three legged version with stainless steel legs or as four leg model with an ashtray at the back side.

At a height of 45 cm this is the perfect outdoor wood stove.

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Warm, Rustic, compact outdoor fire…

This compact terrace stove features a galvanised steel door handle and stainless steel locking bolts around both below and above the door which contrast well with warm rustic plate material.

The base unit comes with:- 1 x 118cm flue pipe, rain hood on flue and an air spoiler above the glass.

The 4 leg version also includes an ashtray at the back side.

The legs for the 3 leg version are made from stainless steel.

The ‘BloX’ and ‘BloXX’ wood storage system (pictured) can also be a seat with the addition of the Iroko hardwood panel, so not only stylish, practical too.


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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 34 × 40 × 80 cm
Leg options

3 Legs, 4 Legs

Flue pipe options

There are some optional flue products available for the Piquia, There is a Sparks catcher priced at £35 inc VAT or an extra long 145cm outlet priced at £40 inc VAT

Corten steel floor plate

The Piquia floor plate is 3mm thick and sized at 74.5cm x 59.5cm. This is priced at £90 inc VAT


RB73 Piquia 4 legs – Dimensions

RB73 Piquia 3 legs – Dimensions

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Information sheet

RB73 Piquia – Information Sheet

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