Morsø Ignis Fire pit


Dancing, hot flames are a natural meeting place, and promote calm, contemplation and comfort…

Morsø Firepit is the ideal choice for everyone who likes to create good, atmospheric times in the garden. Imagine sitting with a good glass of red wine in your hand and your eyes resting on the living fire – wouldn’t that provoke a confidential chat?

Or try it with Emmenthal inside – or apples or maybe Nutella, if your sweet tooth craves a really cheeky dessert. Marshmallows are of course a certain hit with the children. Poke the marshmallows on sticks, bake them golden brown and YUM! You can also sandwich two Marie biscuits around the marshmallow, slide the marshmallow off the stick, and there you are.

The firepit is designed based on Morsø’s old series of cooking equipment. With its clean lines and simple, functional design, it also functions as a beautiful decoration on the patio or at the front door all year round.

The Morsø Ignis Grill Grate is not included in price stated.

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 32 cm
Grill for Ignis fire pit

There is a grill available for the firepit to enable the Ignis to be used as a BBQ, it is priced at £49 inc. VAT.

Maintenance Instructions

Morsø – Maintenance of Outdoor Products

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