Morsø Forno Deluxe Terra Package


One of the finest, versatile and stylish garden ovens on the market today…

The Morsø Forno Deluxe Terra Package includes the cast iron Forno Outdoor Oven along with a Small Terra Table, Flue pipe, Forno Cover, Forno Door, Tuscan Grill, Pizza Peel, Tongs and Ash Scraper.

The Morsø Forno wood-fired outdoor oven makes a beautiful addition to your garden or patio with its elegant Danish design. Made of cast iron it cooks beautifully, with heat spreading evenly throughout it is perfect for cooking pizza, meat, fish and much more.

The Morsø Forno is reassuringly easy to look after as the high temperatures in the cast iron body remove all oil and fat and leave the internal firebox sterile. It can stand outside the whole year round.

The Morsø Forno is versatile, use it as a: –

• Pizza Oven: Use the integrated set of pizza stones to make crispy bases every time
• BBQ: Use with the cast iron Tuscan Grill to barbecue meat and fish over the burning embers
• Smoker: Use the Forno as a smoker, by adding a Forno Door and Smokeeper
• Oven: Slow cook stews and casseroles in cast iron cookware to develop beautiful flavours
• Fire Pit: Light it up and use it as a fire pit so you can enjoy the warmth and view of the flames

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