Contura i6


For those who have their own ideas…

The fireplace insert Contura i6 gives the fire a lot of space with the ability to take a 33cm log, this combined with ‘clean burn’ function ensures that the glass should keep clean for an impressive view into the fire chamber.

The clean lines blend into your home whether in a modern inset setting or in a fireplace.



The Contura i6 inset wood burner is an ideal choice of which looks stunning in the right situation with the following features:-

Output – Nominal rating 5kw. In certain properties, this would mean that it might not be necessary to install any extra ventilation to the room.

Simple to use – Contura products are equipped with a single control for exact output regulation, which allows simple and precise combustion control.

Clean Burning system – In the rear of the stove there is an extra duct system for spreading preheated combustion air. The system is called Clean Burning and is activated by sliding the control on the front to the left. The stove burns efficiently and for long periods resulting in a combustion with very low particle concentrations.

Integrated handle – The door opens easily using the inset handle at the lower edge of the cassette.


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Weight 77 kg
Dimensions 40.5 × 625 × 54.5 cm
Door options

Cast iron Door, Glass Door

External air kit

Contura Outdoor air inlet – Can be connected to outdoor air. Connecting your stove to outdoor air means that the firebox will receive cool, oxygen rich outdoor air to give more efficient combustion. This is priced at £115. (please specify bottom or rear air supply when ordering)


Contura i6 – Dimensions



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Installation Manual and User Instructions

Contura i6 – Installation Instructions and User Manual

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Energy Label

Contura i6 – Energy Label

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