Contura 810L


Simple Scandinavian style design with a smaller space in mind…

The Contura 800 has taken its inspiration from the famous superellipse. The shape makes this stove compact and attractive, making it very easy to position, even in small spaces.

Styled to include a large glass in the door and an even more efficient fire box ensuring your viewing pleasure.

The Contura 810L stove with cast iron door…

With a rated output of 4kw, it can be installed in some situations without the need for extra combustion air vents to be installed.

Cast iron door – In order to resist the stresses that arise with the large temperature variations, the door must be made from shape-retaining cast iron.


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Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 36 × 46 × 73 cm
Colour options

This appliance is only available in a black paint finish.

Top options

This appliance is only available with a cast top

Floor plate (hearth) options

Various floor plates are available for the appliance and are as follows:-
Metal floor plates in black or grey – £100
Glass floor plates (6mm thick) – Transparent or Black Screen £135

External air kit options

An external kit available for this appliance at £90 and is available for either a static appliance or turntable option.

Hot plate

If you have the appliance installed with the rear flue outlet, there is a hot plate option available for £105.

Installation Instructions

Contura 810L – Installation Instructions

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Lighting Instuctions

Contura 800 series – Lighting Instructions

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Energy Label

Contura 810L – Energy Label

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