Contura 810 Style


Simple Scandinavian style…

If you are restricted by distances to combustibles or plainly looking for an appliance to fit in a corner installation, this is the stove for you.

Styled to include a large glass in the door and an even more efficient fire box ensuring your viewing pleasure.


The Contura 810 style stove with cast iron door…

With a rated output of 5kw, it can be installed in some situations without the need for extra combustion air vents to be installed.

Cool-touch handle – The handle for opening has been designed so that it does not get hot.

Log compartment – A practical compartment under the stove which keeps the logs in order.

Cast iron door – In order to resist the stresses that arise with the large temperature variations, the door must be made from shape-retaining cast iron.

ASF (Automatic Start Function) – Is an ingenious function that automatically controls the lighting air through the grate. It means that the door can be shut at the same time that the start-up fire is lit and the stove therefore becomes completely independent of room air. Which means it feels safer not having to leave the stove with an open door during the start-up fire.

RBF (Refuelling Boost Function) – With the boost function you can ”save” embers that have nearly died. You just open the handle on the left, new oxygen flows in from below and brings out the embers so that the new wood catches light. After a short time you can once again enjoy a beautiful fire and heating.

SSA (Silent Sliding Ashtray) – Beauty in the smallest detail we say – and mean it. Contura’s new ashbox, which, thanks to its design and damping function, slides quietly and softly during emptying.

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Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 36.5 × 46.5 × 95 cm
Colour options

The Contura 810;1 with a painted aluminium top and Contura 810:3 with a soapstone top are available in either black or grey paint finish whereas the 810:2 with a glass top is only available in black paint finish. there is no difference in pricing for the paint finishes

Top options

Contura 810:1 with a painted aluminium top, Contura 810:2 with a glass top, Contura 810:3 with a soapstone top

Floor plate (hearth) options

Various floor plates are available for the appliance and are as follows:-
Metal floor plates in black or grey – £85
Glass floor plates (6mm thick) – Transparent or Black Screen £105

External air kit options

An external kit available for this appliance at £70 and is available for either a static appliance or turntable option.

Soft close door for log box

A soft closing door for the log box is available at £150.

Hot plate

If you have the appliance installed with the rear flue outlet, there is a hot plate option available for £80.


Contura 810 style – Dimensions

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Installation Instructions

Contura 810 & 810G – Installation Instructions

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Lighting Instuctions

Contura 800 series – Lighting Instructions

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Energy Label

Contura 800 series – Energy Label

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