Contura 310G


Simple, modern, Scandinavian style…

The Contura 310 is the perfect choice if you know how you want your stove to look.

Styled to include a large glass door and an efficient fire box ensuring your viewing pleasure.


The Contura 310G stove with glass door is just stunning…

With a rated output of 7kw, it is designed more for free standing applications in medium sized rooms.

Log compartment – A practical compartment under the stove which keeps the logs in order.

Simple to use – Contura products are equipped with a single control for exact output regulation, which allows simple and precise combustion control.

Clean Burning System – In the rear of the stove there is an extra duct system for spreading preheated combustion air. The system is called Clean Burning and is activated by sliding the control on the front to the left. The stove burns efficiently and for long periods resulting in a combustion with very low particle concentrations.

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Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 75 × 85 cm
Colour options

Black, White

Floor plate (hearth) options

Various floor plates are available for the appliance and are as follows:-
Glass floor plates (6mm thick) – Transparent glass £170 or Black screen printed glass £195

External air kit options

Two external kits are available for this appliance at :-
Air Kit 1 – including Aluminium hose and condensation insulation, length 100cm, transfer connector from 64mm to 100mm, hose clips and automatic cold draught protection £75. (310, 320)
Air Kit 2 – As above with the addition of supply air adaptor £95 (330 only)

Wood Compartment

There sizes of wood storage are available to accessorise the appliance:-
Small – 57cm wide x 37.5cm high x 37.5cm deep £230
Medium – 75cm wide x 37.5cm high x 37.5cm deep £260
Large – 37.5cm wide x 85cm high x 37.5cm deep £280

Plinth Drawer

A drawer for the plinth is available and is priced at £205

Hot Plate

A Hot plate is available for the appliance and is priced at £85.

5" flue collar

A 5" flue collar is available for this appliance and is priced £40.


Contura 300 Series – Dimensions

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Installation Instructions

Contura 310 & 310G – Installation Instructions

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Lighting Instuctions

Contura 300 Series – Lighting Instructions

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Energy Label

Contura 300 Series – Energy Label

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