Clearview Pioneer 400


A stove with pedigree…

The Clearview Pioneer 400 is one of the highest specification small stoves ever built with a rated output of 5kw.

With a consumption rate varying from 1kg of wood per hour, it has the ability to boil a kettle, and even meet your domestic hot water needs of you add the 2.34kw boiler.

This stove has a rugged but stylish appearance that is equally at home in a country cottage, modern apartment or even a mobile home, yurt or boat.

We currently have this appliance on live display in the showroom for your viewing. Once you see how controllable this appliance really is, we think that you will agree that this appliance has a great pedigree.


This appliance has features including:-

  • A double glazed glass door for an uninterrupted view of the flames.
  • Hot air wash system for really clean burning without fuss.
  • Refractory Lining, promoting super clean combustion.
  • Multi-fuel grate for easy lighting and rapid response.
  • Takes up to a 25cm (10″) log.
  • Rear heat shield available
  • Hotplate surfaces for a coffee pot or kettle.

This appliance speaks for itself… a truly amazing stove for generations to come.

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Weight 100 kg
Colour options

This appliance can come in range of seven colours to compliment your decor. The black colour is as priced above, however there is a small uplift of £60 for any of the following colours:- Honey-Glow Brown, Conifer Green, Charcoal Grey, Golden Fire Brown, Mahogany Brown and Welsh Slate Blue.

Leg options

2" legs, 4" Legs, 6" Legs


All Clearview stoves come with brass handle and fittings as standard. A Satin chrome option is available at a price of £30.00 inc VAT

Heat Shield

A rear heat shield is available for this product (long or short depending on your specification) priced at an additional £96.00 inc VAT. Using a heat shield reduces the distance to combustibles from the rear of the appliance.

Plinth options

There is a 7" or 10" Plinth for this appliance and is priced at an extra £210.

Boiler option

There is a 2.34kw boiler option for this appliance. This is priced at an additional £276 inc VAT

Smoke Controlled Kit

There is a smoke controlled option for this appliance and is priced at an extra £180 to the stated price. This kit is not available as a retro fit item and must be specified prior to ordering an appliance.


0/5 (0 Reviews)