Charnwood Country 6 Multi Fuel (MK2)


The Country 6 “Multi Fuel” is the next step up in the Country range and features a 6kw heat output and double doors.

The Country 6 has a robust construction featuring a brick lined fire box featuring the Charnwood Multi fuel conversion grate and has the ability to burn 420mm logs whilst the double angled doors optimise your view of the fire. The Country 6 also has the additional benefit of a detachable tool handle that operates the door for maximum safety.

The stoves pictured feature the additional “Clip on Shelf” but in addition to this you can also add a slide on canopy to give the stove a very different look.


The Charnwood Country family..

The Country stoves are Charnwood’s well established range of traditional wood burning and multi fuel stoves.  Perhaps the most popular is the Country 4 with its single door, whilst the angled double doors in the larger models have helped the Country stoves become true classics

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 36.3 × 51 × 60.5 cm

Black, Almond, Blue, Gun Metal, Pewter, Bronze, Brown, Green

Vertical Rear Flue Adaptor

A vertical rear flue is available for this appliance priced at an extra £110.40 to the stated price. This is a feature of Charnwood appliances and enable the flue adaptor to be situated close the rear of the appliance and can be easily swept through.

Heat Shield

A rear heat shield is available for this appliance and is priced at an extra £160.80 to the stated price. This product reduces the distance to combustibles from the rear of the appliance as per the specification provided.

Clip On Shelf

Clip On Shelf is available at an extra cost of £74.40 inc VAT.

Add on Low Canopy

An add on low canopy is also available for this appliance and is priced at an extra £232.80 inc VAT.

Add in Boiler

There are two add in boiler options available for this appliance for domestic hot water. The Steel boiler is priced at an additional £208.80 inc VAT or the Stainless Steel boiler which is priced at £378.00 inc VAT.


Charnwood Country 6 – Specifications

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Installation Instructions and User Manual

Charnwood Country 6 – Installation Instructions and User manual

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Part Lists

Charnwood Country 6 – Parts List

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Energy Label

Charnwood Country 6 – Energy Label

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Declaration of Performance

Charnwood Country 6 – Declaration of performance

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