Charnwood Country 16B Multi Fuel stove


The Charnwood Country 16B Multi-fuel

Delivering heat suitable for heating domestic hot water, plus around 10 radiators!

With a combined total heat output of 19.6kw, providing 13.2kw to the water and 2-8kw to the room. The appliance is thermostatically controlled with a multi fuel ridding grate, allowing a range of solid fuels to be burnt.

Featuring a deep fire bed allowing solid fuel to be loaded up for excellent overnight burning performance.




Charnwood Boiler stoves

The Charnwood boiler ranges are designed specifically for those who wish to run a full central heating system.

The benefits of “real fire” central heating opposed to gas, oil and electric are numerous and are much more beneficial to health and wellbeing than its counterparts.


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Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 46 × 61.6 × 75 cm
Colours available

Black, Almond, Blue, Green, Pewter, Bronze, Brown, Gun Metal

Vertical rear flue adaptor

A vertical rear flue is available for this appliance priced at an extra £141.60 to the stated price. This is a feature of Charnwood appliances and enable the flue adaptor to be situated close the rear of the appliance and can be easily swept through.

Low Canopy

A low canopy is available for this stove. This is priced at £306 including VAT.


Charnwood Country 16b MF – Specifications

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Installation Instructions and User Manual

Charnwood Country 16b MF – Installation instructions and user manual

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Parts Lists

Charnwood Country 16b MF Parts list

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Energy Label

Charnwood Country 16b MF Energy Label

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