Charnwood All New Island I


The All New Island I is the smallest stove in the Island collection.

With it’s uncomplicated look, this appliance sits well in any situation, be it in a modern setting or a more traditional inglenook.

With an output of 2-7kw of heat and taking up to a 370mm (14.5″) log length, also being able to burn smokeless fuels, a rated output of 5kw it can be installed without any additional combustion air supply in certain situations. Being over 85% efficient and meeting the Clean Air Act requirements for smoke controlled areas, this is certainly very versatile for most applications.

We have an All New Island I in black colour with low legs option on display in our showroom.



Ground breaking new burn technology…

With ground breaking new burn technology, the All New ISLAND I not only meets Defra exemption limits (allowing wood to be burnt cleanly in smoke control areas) but vastly exceeds the new 2022 Ecodesign standards – taking this iconic stove into the future.


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Weight 109 kg
Dimensions 54.5 × 43.2 × 61.1 cm
Colours available

Black, Almond, Blue, Green, Pewter, Bronze, Brown, Gun Metal

Leg/stand Options

Low leg, High leg, Store Stand

Heat Shield

A rear heat shield is available for this appliance and is priced at an extra £88.80 inc VAT to the stated price. This product reduces the distance to combustibles from the rear of the appliance as per the specification provided.

Vertical rear flue adaptor

A vertical rear flue is available for this appliance priced at an extra £127.20 inc VAT to the stated price. This is a feature of Charnwood appliances and enable the flue adaptor to be situated close the rear of the appliance and can be easily swept through.

Flue Boiler

Flue Boilers are available for this appliance and are priced at £468 inc VAT for a black boiler, whereas a coloured boiler would incur an extra cost of £45.60 inc VAT to the black boiler price.

External Air Kit

There is an external air kit available for this appliance and is priced at £132.00 inc VAT. This kit enables the appliance to be directly connected to the outside for its combustion air, meaning that there is very little air exchange in the room where the appliance is situated.


All New Island 1 specifications

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Installation Instructions and User Manual

All New Island 1 Installations Instructions and User Manual

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Parts Lists

All New Island 1 Parts List

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Energy Label

All New Island 1 Energy Performance Certificate

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All New Island 1 – Declaration of Performance

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