Heatsource attends an Anki Pumice Liner System Training Day

Over the years, our team of qualified Hetas engineers have worked with many flue systems from Class 1 twin wall flexible stainless steel to Pumice liners to offer customers the most suitable re-lining or new chimney system tailored to their needs; but when Anki, one of the UK leading brands in pumice liner, offered to show us how to use their system, we welcomed the opportunity to find out more about their products and attended their hand-on training day in the West Midlands to brush up on our skills!
A Pumice liner is made of volcanic rock, which means that it has the capacity to accomodate and hold the highest temperature. It is also called a modular lining system because of its easy to assemble “Lego” like block and round liners (different shape for different applications such as new build or re-lining). 
Because Pumice is a natural insulator as it retains the heat longer, making it a superior choice over the commonly used clay liners when building a completely new chimney. Therefore when you installed a wood-burning appliance with a pumice system, it will perform more efficiently as the flue will take less time to warm up. This also reduces the chance of tar and condensation, one of the main main problems when burning un seasoned fuel.
The Anki Pumice liners have the CE approval mark, sign that the product has been tested to the highest standard which gives you peace of mind that the product is of the highest quality. Finally, it has a life expectancy of 65 years, which means that you are unlikely to have to replace it during your lifetime..
If this product were of interest to you, just give the showroom a call on 01572 829 953 and we would be more than happy to provide you with more information on this fantastic product.

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