Heatsource attended the SnapLok Rotary Power Sweeping Course

Rotary Power Sweeping Course

Following a very cold winter with people at home during the pandemic, sweeping flues will be especially important this year to ensure everyone’s safety with the continued used of their appliances. It was an unprecedented season, and knowing how much we used our own stove with the children home schooling, it is essential that the chimneys are swept frequently.

At heatsource, we pride ourselves with offering the very best service available and to make sure that our staff are using the very latest technology and techniques on the market today. With this in mind, Nathan, Daniel and Paul, all attended the Rotary Power Sweeping course to find out more.

We went down to Tiverton in Devon where they are based, and had a practical and a classroom knowledge based course delivered by Nick Snook. He is a master chimney sweep with many years experience and the use of the SnapLok rotary system.

All three engineers on arrival in the training area were like children in a sweet shop, with many things on view with some really innovative technology.

Here is Nick (right picture), demonstrating a new style wire brush head for heritage chimneys, where abrasion is needed without damaging the masonry flue. Daniel and Paul listened closely, adding to their wealth of knowledge of all things flues and sweeping.

(left Picture) Here is Paul, trying out a flexible rod with the a chimney system with around 12 bends, some at 90°, of which you would not be able to sweep using a normal sweeping system. To our amazement, the rods and brush went easily around the system, with a little advise from Nick, as to ways and feel of the flue.

Following the course, we were really pleased to obtain the Certificate of Training awarded as part of heatsource’s commitment to continual professional development of the engineers.

With the weather now warming, we will soon start our maintenance program and carrying out sweeps, services of appliances, etc… so if you have us sweep and service your appliance, we will do our upmost to ensure that your chimney will be clean and safe, ready to use when needed when the weather draws in again… Should you wish to book some maintenance on your appliance, please contact us for more information and pricing.

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