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As an approved Hetas retailer, we carry 100% British ready-to-burn firewood all year round either for your wood burner or your outdoor living appliances (grills, pizza ovens, chimeneas etc..) to help you get the most out of your appliances.

Why is the quality of your firewood important? The “Ready to Burn” firewood scheme was launched by the government to help the consumers make the best choice easily. When you buy ready to burn wood, it means that you are guaranteed that the moisture content is below 20% at all time, enabling you to get more heat for less wood and preventing you from excessive soot and tar build-ups (and its helps with the particulates too).

At the Uppingham showroom, we offer a wide range of products alongside the ready to burn handy bags of firewood, like natural flamers, premium kindling and heat logs so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

You can either call ahead of your visit or send us an email via this website to prepare your order so you can also ensure that you are properly stocked up at all time. We are also able to offer competitive rate of bulk delivery direct to your door so why not call to obtain our details on our current offers.

New for 2020

With a few of our regular customers having had to self-isolate due to the pandemic situation, we have trialled a localised delivery service, which has been well received and we have decided to continue offering this service into the autumn-winter 2020 (minimum spend applies, call the showroom on 01572829953 for details

Kiln dried logs from sustainable British hardwood

Kiln dried kindling from sustainable hardwood

Pure compressed wood

Natural firelights - Certainly Wood Flamers

Fuel storage

80% of the wood-burning stove problems are caused by wet wood! So the quality of the fuel that you use is very important to get the most out of your stove. It is essential to keep your fuel dry. The perfect solution is a protective log store.

Log store

Most of the problems that you will encounter with wood burning stoves arise from using wood with a high moisture content. To overcome this problem why not purchase our elegant single log store.

This attractive freestanding wooden store will offer the perfect solution to keep your wood both dry and tidy.

– Open front with slotted sides as standard
– Optional weathershield for increased log protection
Width: 124cm, Depth: 82cm, Height (front): 167cm, Height (rear) 183cm