Air Quality (Domestic Fuels Standards) England Regulations 2020 – Update

For a long time at Heatsource of Uppingham, we have been talking about the need to standardise the quality of the fuel available to those who are using either an open fire or a closed appliance as we had seen first hand, the negative consequences that they could have on both the flues and the appliances.

It was why when last year the government published the domestic fuels reform, we were very pleased with the impending outlines of the new Air Quality (Domestic Fuels Standards) Regulations 2020 and we wanted to remind you that it is now live as of 1st May 2021 across England.

The benefits of burning the correct fuels are numerous from extra heat to reducing the particulate emissions that we produced. The wood (logs, compressed logs and kindling) products supplied under the “Ready to Burn” scheme will have a moisture content below 20%. If the logs that you are considering buying do not carry the “Ready To Burn” logo, they will not have passed the government approval and therefore are not suitable for burning immediately.

Under the new legislation, the sale of sealed bagged house coal has officially been banned. You will only be able to use an approved smokeless product that has been tested.

If you have been thinking about making the change but have to yet try some “Ready to Burn” fuels, the prolonged cold weather spell and a long period of home working, you may give you the opportunity of looking for a top up with the right credentials, before committing to further larger quantities ahead of next winter (keep an eye out on the news feed for our unbeatable early bird summer offers).

Moreover, as we have been meeting outdoor more due to the current guidelines, we wanted to add that burning the right fuel is also important for all outdoor appliances from the pizza ovens to the fire pits. The drier the wood, the better the heat.

It is why we wanted to remind you that we are a local “Ready To Burn” point of sale for your convenience. We stock Certainly Wood ‘Ready to Burn’ products throughout the year to suit your needs, from carry away bags of logs for stoves to the slimmer ones for your cooking appliances so why not pop and us at the Uppingham Showroom to discuss further.


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